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About the Climate Change and Long-Term Care interest group

This group will explore the implications of climate change for people who use Long-Term Care and LTC systems. It will consider the key actions that countries can take to support people with LTC needs in reducing the impact of climate change on their lives and to prepare their LTC systems to be more resilient and better able to anticipate, respond to and cope with the consequences of climate change. The group is also interested in perspectives on how to move towards a socio-ecological transformation of LTC systems, considering measures that can be taken to reduce the LTC sector’s contribution to climate change without sacrificing quality of care, and identifying synergies between innovative care models, reduction of the LTC system’s CO2 footprint and cost-effectiveness.

The first webinar of this group is expected in July/August 2024, in the meantime every one is welcome to join.

Steering group:

Lead: Andrea E. Schmidt (Austrian National Public Health Institute, Austria)

Klara Lorenz-Dant (University Hospital of Augsburg, Germany)

Liat Ayalot (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Adelina Comas-Herrera (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)