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Supporting young and young adult carers: International practice and policies, webinar recording, 22 March 2024

14 Jun 2024

We are delighted to share the recording from this webinar organised by the GOLTC Employment, Education, and Family Carers Interest Group that took place on the 22nd March 2024. The GOLTC Employment, Education and Family Carers interest group seeks to share research exploring these impacts and experiences of national and/or local policies and strategies to […]

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Understanding and reducing dementia stigma, webinar recording, 11 April 2024

10 Jun 2024

The World Alzheimer report 2019 showed how stigma is a huge compounder of the difficulties caused by dementia. In this webinar on the 11th April 2024, we learnt about research on how to measure and understand dementia stigma, about two interventions in Brazil and Kenya to reduce stigma, and the new 2024 worldwide survey on […]

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Understanding the role of social protection for older people in Southern Africa, 5th April 2024, webinar recording

24 May 2024

What is the role of social protection for older people in Southern Africa?   Discover the dynamics of social protection in addressing the health and social care needs of older individuals in South Africa. Delve into the challenges and triumphs surrounding income security for older persons in the vibrant regions of Southern Africa and Latin […]

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David Grabowski presentation on COVID-19 lessons for care home standards and regulatory approaches, 19 March 2024

08 Apr 2024

In this webinar, organised by the Care Home Markets and Regulation interest group on the 19th March 2024, David Grabowski (Harvard University) presented on Improving Long-Term Care facilities: lessons from the pandemic and policy debates in the United States.

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Beyond words: Can ChatGPT ease the care documentation burden? 12 March 2024, webinar recording

24 Mar 2024

Care managers can dedicate around 6 hours per week manually transcribing handwritten notes from care assessments into electronic databases.  Social enterprise Beam’s Magic Notes uses AI to automatically generate audio recordings of case management meetings into case notes, freeing up workers to spend more time assessing needs and arranging care. In this webinar or the […]

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Economics of Long-Term Care 1st Webinar with Elizabeth Lemmon and David Bell, 7 March 2024 video recording

22 Mar 2024

The GOLTC Economics of Long Term Care interest group  held its first webinar on the 7th March, with an overview of the literature on the economics of Long-Term Care by Dr Lemmon and Prof Bell, summarising their chapter, ‘The Economics of Long-Term Care’, in the recently published Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Ageing. This was followed by […]

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Recent developments in Long-Term Care Policy: Perspectives from China, France, Japan and Sweden, 26th February 2024, GOLTC webinar recording

20 Mar 2024

Are you interested in Long-Term Care Policy and would you like to know about the latest developments internationally? On the 26th February, the Global Observatory of Long-Term Care  (GOLTC) hosted the first webinar of the GOLTC Long-Term Care Policy Interest Group. The webinar brought together experts on Long-Term Car e in China, France, Japan and […]

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How can we better understand preferences for ‘Ageing-In-Place’ (AIP), 24 January 2024, webinar recording

24 Jan 2024

On Wednesday 24th January 2024, the new Global Observatory of Long-Term Care (GOLTC) hosted a webinar which brought together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share and discuss quasi-experimental methods and what they have shown us about Ageing in Place (AIP).

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Cracking the code: Latest data science trends in long-term care research, 5 December 2023, webinar recording

05 Dec 2023

On Tuesday 5 December 2023, the new Global Observatory of Long-Term Care (GOLTC) hosted a webinar which brought together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share and discuss the latest applications of data science in long-term care research.

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