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Bárbara Diego

El Futuro del Cuidado A.C.

Bárbara Diego

Barbara Diego Perez
Specialist in Aging and Care.

Founder of the Vida a los Años Group, a set of initiatives aimed at making Mexico a better place to grow old (Gericare, Silverclub, Vintage People, GerontoLógika, and El Futuro del Cuidado A.C).

A pioneer in the region in topics of aging, care, and longevity, with a multidisciplinary background in humanities, health sciences, social sciences, and business, notably specializing in home care and public care policies.

She has been recognized for her work in various forums, notably being named by the United Nations in 2022 as one of the 50 leading people in the world working in the field of healthy aging.

Speaker, consultant, and advisor to public and private organizations.


Countries Mexico;
Topics Access to care; Ageing in place; Care inequalities; Dementia care and support; Local care ecosystems; LTC Systems; Person-centered care; Social Innovation in LTC; Social Protection; Stigma and discrimination;
Methods Guidelines development; Practice-based approaches; Theory and frameworks; Training materials;
Role Advocacy;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Community-based approaches to dementia care; Long-Term Care Policy; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests

Long term care and dementia
Public policy and dementia
Rights of Care workers