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Brian McGarry

University of Rochester

Brian McGarry

Dr. McGarry is a physical therapist and health services researcher with an interest in the economics of aging. His research focuses on older adults’ navigation of the Medicare program and long-term care system, as well as the impact of public policies on the cost and quality of care delivered to older adults. He completed his PhD in Health Services Research at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and a postdoctoral fellowship in Health Economics and Policy at Harvard Medical School.


Countries United States;
Topics Care outcomes; Care work and migration; COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and LTC; Economics of LTC; Financing LTC; LTC Policy; LTC Reforms; LTC Workforce;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Causal inference in Long-Term Care; Quantitative data analysis; Quasi-experimental methods;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Economics of Long-Term Care; Long-Term Care Policy;