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Caitlin Littleton

Caitlin Littleton; Portfolio Lead- Healthy Ageing, HelpAge International, MPH
Working at HelpAge International for the past 13 years, first focusing on Asia Pacific region and now globally, Caitlin is a specialist in healthy ageing with a background in public health and sociology. She leads HelpAge’s global healthy ageing portfolio which works with HelpAge network members (170 in 90 countries) and stakeholders at local, national, regional and global levels to support policy, advocacy and programmes that promote UHC fit for an ageing world, ensuring that it effectively promotes people’s intrinsic capacity and functional ability across the life-course. Special focuses are on promoting long-term care and support system and service development and working with NGOs and community-based organization networks to strengthen community-based approaches to healthy ageing including supporting home and community-based care (formal and informal). HelpAge is a rights-based org, tackling ageism (social and systemic), shifting power through meaningful engagement of the voice of older people, and focusing on equity including by considering how age intersects with gender, disability and other factors. Caitlin was a member of the project team of the six-country Asian Development Bank Regional Technical Assistance project strengthening capacity on long-term care system development. She is the focal point for official relations with the WHO and a member of the WHO Global Network of Experts on Long-Term Care and a technical contributor to WHO reports including the recent WHO Global Report on Health Equity for Persons with Disability.

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