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Cansu Erdogan Cengiz

Bielefeld University

Cansu Erdogan Cengiz

After completing my Master’s degree in Sociology at Bielefeld University in 2019, I have started my PhD in 2020 and am now in the final stage of my PhD project, which examines the agenda-setting process in this policy area in Turkey within the framework of the increasing need for long-term care in a global context.

Currently, I am working as a project coordinator at the Medical School OWL, Department of General Practice and Family Medicine, Bielefeld University. I work as a project coordinator for the project “Breast cancer aftercare for women of Turkish origin in Germany (Bruna+)”.


Countries Turkey;
Topics Access to care; LTC Policy; LTC Systems;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Case studies; Document analysis; Knowledge-exchange; Policy analysis; Theory and frameworks;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Long-Term Care Policy;
Other 1;
Research interests

My research interests are long-term care policies,  global social policy, public policy, and transnational migration

Key publications
  • Erdoğan, C. The Long-term Care System in Turkey. CRC 1342 Social Policy Country Briefs, 2022(26), Bremen University.
  • Erdoğan, C. Expanding Supplementary Voluntary Private Health Insurance in Turkey: How and Why?. Working paper series How ‘Social’ is Turkey?, 2020(5), Bielefeld University.
  • Öktem, K.G., Erdogan C. Between Welfare State and (State-organised) Charity: How Turkey’s Social Assistance Regime blends two competing Policy Paradigms. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 2020; 40(3/4): 205-219.