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Christine Musyimi

Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation

Christine Musyimi

Dr Christine Musyimi, Ph.D is a researcher and the research ethics and scientific publications officer at Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation (AMHRTF). Her research focuses on promoting excellence in community-based mental health research and develops innovative strategies with special attention to older person’s and women’s health, particularly improving dementia care and maternal and child mental health in Kenya. Dr Musyimi has been the Principal Investigator for several projects aimed at training non-mental health specialists such as traditional and faith healers to deliver evidence-based mental health care in community settings. Through her research work on dementia-related stigma research in Kenya, she contributed to the development of a dementia anti-stigma toolkit for use in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). She was also a Co-Investigator on the DEM-SKY project that recruited 3,500 older adults for dementia screening in rural Kenya.


Countries Kenya;
Topics Access to care; Care in rural and other non-urban settings; Care inequalities; Care integration/ coordination; Care trajectories; Stigma and discrimination;
Methods Ethnography; Longitudinal data analysis; Mixed methods; Qualitative studies; Quasi-experimental methods; Research ethics; Thematic analysis; Theory of Change;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests


Maternal and child mental health


Community health providers

Severe mental illness and comorbid conditions

Key publications
  1. Musyimi, C., Mutunga, E. and Ndetei, D., 2020. COVID-19 and long-term care in Kenya. Country report available at LTCcovid. org, International Long-Term Care Policy Network, CPEC-LSE14.
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  3. Musyimi, C.W., Muyela, L.A., Mutiso, V.N., Mutunga, E. and Ndetei, D.M., 2023. Understanding dementia care pathways for policy development and service planning in Kenya. Dementia22(5), pp.1027-1037.
  4. Musyimi, C., Ndetei, D., Muyela, L.A., Masila, J., Mutunga, E. and Farina, N., 2023. Integration and Evaluation of a Community-Level Dementia Screening Program in Kenya (DEM-SKY): A Protocol. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, (Preprint), pp.1-6.
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