Elena Moore

Department of Sociology, University of Cape Town

Elena Moore

I am a Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cape Town. I am the author of Generation, Gender and Negotiating Custom in South Africa (Routledge, 2022), Divorce, Families and Emotion Work (Palgrave, 2017) and (with Chuma Himonga) Reform of Customary Marriage, Divorce and Succession in South Africa (Juta & Co. 2015), as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters. I am a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award 2021, University of Cape Town. I obtained a Wellcome Career Award, 2023-2028 to develop and grow a research programme in Family Caregiving of Older Persons In Southern Africa (www.familycaregiving.org.za)


Countries South Africa; sub-Saharan Africa;
Topics Care economy; Care in rural and other non-urban settings; Care inequalities; Care trajectories; Economics of LTC; Financing LTC; Living arrangements; LTC Policy; LTC Systems; Unpaid / informal care;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Case studies; Comparative policy analysis; Document analysis; Economic evaluation; Mixed methods; Policy analysis; Qualitative studies;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care and social protection in Southern Africa;
GOOGLE SCHOLARhttps://scholar.google.co.za/citations?user=ns6AzpoAAAAJ&hl=en
Other 1http://www.elenamoore.co.za;
Other 2http://www.copsan.org;
Research interests

Family Care of Older Persons in Southern Africa


Key publications
  1. Family Caregiving of Older Persons in Southern Africa. Special Issue of International Journal of Care and Caregiving. (Co-edited with Debora Price)
  2. Social Protection, Intergenerational Relationships and Conflict in South Africa. Special Issue of Critical Social Policy (Co-edited with Jeremy Seekings). Vol 39(4)

Edited Books

Moore, E (2022) Generation, Gender and Negotiating Custom in South Africa. London, Routledge.


Articles in Refereed Journals

Moore, E (2023). Family care for older persons in South Africa: heterogeneity of the carer’s experience. International Journal of Care and Caregiving. (Mar 2023) https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/view/journals/ijcc/aop/article-10.1332-239788221X16740630896657/article-10.1332-239788221X16740630896657.xml

Moore, E and Price, D (2023) Family Caregiving of Older Persons in Southern Africa. Special Issue of International Journal of Care and Caregiving. (Co-edited with Debora Price) https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/view/journals/ijcc/aop/article-10.1332-239788221X16770613505728/article-10.1332-239788221X16770613505728.xml

Cantillon, S. Moore, E and Teasdale, N (2021) Covid-19 and the pivotal role of grandparents: childcare and income support in South Africa and the UK. Feminist Economics. 27:1-2, 188-202 https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13545701.2020.1860246

Moore, E (2020) Financing Social Reproduction: Women’s responsibilities in financing and undertaking household social reproduction in multigenerational households in South Africa. Revue internationale des études du développement. Care, inégalités et politiques aux Suds. Special Issue on Care, Inequalities and Policies in the Global South]. 242 (2) 37-62. https://www.cairn.info/publications-de-Elena-Moore–705601.htm

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