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Gary Hodge

University of Plymouth

Gary Hodge

I am a registered Mental Health Nurse working in a UK University as a Post Doctorate Research Fellow. I have worked with older people as a mental health nurse in a variety of settings, including wards, community, and urgent and emergency crisis/care. I have also managed Older People’s Mental Health/Dementia services. However, in the last seven years I have been worked predominantly as an academic – initially as a nurse lecturer and now as a research fellow with an interest in qualitative research methods/care home research. My most recent research study was exploring the implementation and high-quality person-centred health care in residential and nurse long-term care settings. I have a particular interest in research that addresses challenging topics, such as, responsive behaviours in dementia, end of life care, and difficult to reach groups and communities.


Countries UK;
Topics Access to care; Attitudes and Expectations about Long-Term Care; Care in rural and other non-urban settings; Care inequalities; Care outcomes; Care work and migration; Dementia care and support; End-of-life care and LTC; Ethics and care; Healthcare access in LTC; LTC and people with mental health conditions; New models of care; Person-centered care; Primary Health Care; Relationship between LTC use and hospital use; Research gaps and priorities in LTC; Residential LTC services; Stigma and discrimination; Unmet needs;
Methods Case studies; Creative research methods; Ethnography; Knowledge-exchange; Literature reviews and synthesis; Mixed methods; Qualitative studies; Research ethics; Systematic Review;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Community-based approaches to dementia care; Employment Education and Family carers; Long-Term Care Policy; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests

Care Homes
Person-centred care
Lived experience research
Qualitative Research Methods
Creative/Art Methods of research
Case Study Design
Responsive Behaviours in Dementia
End of Life Care

Key publications

Older peoples’ lived experiences of personalised care in care homes: A meta-ethnography. International National Journal of Older People.