Jingwen Zhang

University of Sheffield

Jingwen Zhang

Jingwen is a Research Associate at the ESRC Centre for Care at the University of Sheffield, working on Care Data Infrastructure. Previously, she studied her PhD in Social Statistics at the University of Manchester funded by ESRC (advanced quantitative methods). Her project focuses on internal migration and health and well-being in later life in China from a gendered life course perspective.


Countries China; England (UK);
Topics Access to care; Care in rural and other non-urban settings; Care inequalities; Care needs poverty and deprivation; Care outcomes; Care trajectories; Care work and migration; Data catalogues; Data science; Epidemiology and ageing trajectories; Gender and care; LTC Policy; Outcome measurement in LTC; Survey measures; Unmet needs; Unpaid / informal care;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Causal inference in Long-Term Care; Comparative policy analysis; Data science and LTC research; Longitudinal data analysis; Quantitative data analysis; Questionnaire; Surveys;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Data Science; Long-Term Care Policy;
GOOGLE SCHOLARhttps://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Eg5_3xwAAAAJ&hl=en
Research interests

Ageing, inequalities in health and care, gender, life course, quantitative methods

Key publications

Zhang, Jingwen, James Nazroo and Nan Zhang (2023). “Do Migration Outcomes Relate to Gender?
Lessons From a Study of Internal Migration, Marriage, and Later-Life Health in China
”. Population,
Space and Place
 29, e2659.

Zhang, Jingwen, James Nazroo and Nan Zhang (2022). “Gender differences in rural-urban migration
and its impact on mental health in later life
.” Health & Place 77: 102890.

Zhang, Jingwen, Tarani Chandola and Nan Zhang (2022). “Understanding the longitudinal dynamics
of rural-urban health disparities in later life in China
.” Aging and Mental Health.

Goldstone, Ross and Jingwen Zhang (2021). “Postgraduate research students’ experiences of the
COVID-19 pandemic and student-led policy solutions
.” Educational Review 74(3): 422-43.

Song, Yueping, Jingwen Zhang and Xian Zhang (2021). “Cultural or Institutional? Contextual Effects
on Domestic Violence against Women in Rural China
.” Journal of Family Violence 36: 643-55.