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Joaquín Mayorga

Deparment of Social Policy, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Joaquín Mayorga

Joaquín is a PhD candidate within the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research focuses on the effects of disabilities and disability policies both on people’s objective and subjective well-being and the ones of their families and caretakers. Joaquín holds a BSc. in Economics and a Master in Economic Analysis, both from the University of Chile, and a MSc. in Economics from the University of Groningen.Before starting his PhD, Joaquín worked as study analyst for the Social Policies Division of the Ministry of Social Development of Chile, managing and analysing large scale administrative data for the continuous improvement of the Social Household Registry. This is the main system used by Chilean State to identify the households’ socioeconomic vulnerability and to target social programs and initiatives. There, he had the opportunity to work and partner up with different government institutions, such as the National Disability Service, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education, in order to strengthen the quality and legitimacy of the social protection system.


Countries Chile; UK;
Topics Care inequalities; Economics of LTC; Evaluation of LTC systems and services; LTC Policy; Unpaid / informal care;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Causal inference in Long-Term Care; Literature reviews and synthesis; Quantitative data analysis; Quasi-experimental methods;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Quasi-experimental methods;