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Li-Fang Liang

Department of Sociology, National Dong-Hwa University

Li-Fang Liang

Liang, Li-Fang is the Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology in National Dong-Hwa University, Taiwan. As a feminist sociologist, she is interested in the “invisible work”; mostly is done by women. Her current research investigates how Indonesian migrant live-in care workers and their families left/stay behind collaborate with each other to exchange care and sustain relationships in transnational context. In particular, she examines how the use of information and communication technologies changes the form of care, and the idea of family and distance. Some parts of her research are published in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Journal of Intimacy and Public Sphere, Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, Journal of Aging Studies and International Journal of Care and Caring, Social Policy and Society and as book chapters.


Countries Taiwan, RoC;
Topics Care inequalities; Care work and migration; Ethics and care; Gender and care; Rights and people’s voices in LTC systems;
Methods Ethnography; Qualitative studies;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Long-Term Care Policy; Migration Mobility and Care Workers; Pain in Care Homes;
Key publications

Liang, L. F. (2023). Managing work and care: Does employing a live-in migrant care worker fill the gap? The example of Taiwan. Social Policy and Society22(4), 581-593.

Liang, L. F. (2021). Everyday vulnerability: work and health experiences of live-in migrant care workers in Taiwan. The Global Old Age Care Industry: Tapping into migrants for tackling the old age care crisis, 219-242.

Li-Fang Liang (2018). “Migrant Care Work in Taiwan: Applying a Feminist Ethics of Care to the Relationships of ‘Live-in’ Care”, International Journal of Care and Caring, 2(2), 215-233.

Liang, L. F. (2018). Creating a gendered-racialized care labor market: Migrant labor policy and the transformation of care work in Taiwan. Gender, care and migration in East Asia, 139-156.

Li-Fang Liang (2015). The Distortion of Care Needs and Medical Professionalism: The Ruling Practices of Migrant Labor Policy in Taiwan. Journal of Aging Studies, 34, 29-37.

Li-Fang Liang (2014). Live-in Migrant Care Workers in Taiwan: The Debates on the Household Service Act. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 23(2), 229-241.

Li-Fang Liang (2013). State and Medicalization of Care Needs: Migrant Care Labor Policy in Taiwan. Journal of Intimacy and Public Sphere, 2(1), 82-94.

Li-Fang Liang (2011). The Making of an “Ideal” Live-In Migrant Care Worker: Recruiting, Training, Matching and Disciplining. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 34(11): 1815-1834.