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María Ángeles Tortosa Chuliá

Departamento Economía Aplicada, Facultad Economía, Universitat València

María Ángeles Tortosa Chuliá

I have a background in Economics (BA and PhD in Economics, University of Valencia) and I’m currently Senior lecturer at the Department of Applied Economics in the University of Valencia.

I managered the intergenerational seniors program at the University of Valencia ‘La Nau Gran en los pueblos’ (2003-2006), participated on the board of the Valencian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology (2008-2010),  was the Director of Máster de Política Económica y Economía Pública at the Faculty of Economics. University of Valencia(2016-2019).

I have published in several journals of prestige, made presentations in national and international congress, managered and participated in several  national and regional research projects in the field of older people care.


Countries Spain; UK;
Topics Care Homes; Deinstitutionalisation; Economics of LTC; Housing and care; LTC Policy; Residential LTC services;
Methods Cost analysis; Economic evaluation; Literature reviews and synthesis; Policy analysis; Questionnaire;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Economics of Long-Term Care; Long-Term Care in Spain; Long-Term Care Policy;
Research interests

Loneliness in older people policies, health care at the end of life, funding long term care, residential care, public-private partnership in Long term care and public contracts in nursing-home field, health promotion in old age, evaluation on sarcopenia prevention through physiotherapy in nursing homes, evaluation of removing physical restraints on older people with dementia in residential care, Cohousing senior in Spain, evaluation of healthy ageing and new techologies interventions, deinstitutionalization of older people care, and older people care policies analysis.

Key publications

Mercè Balasch‑Bernat,· Trinidad Sentandreu‑Mañó,· José M. Tomás, · Maria A. Cebrià i Iranzo,· Maria A. Tortosa‑Chuliá, · Anna Arnal‑Gómez, · Natalia Cezón‑Serrano (2023) Deepening the understanding of the structural validity of the Tilburg Frailty Indicator. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 35(6), pp. 1263 – 1271 . ISSN: 1594-066

Tortosa Chuliá, Mª Ángeles; Sundström, Gerdt (2022) El cohousing senior en España. Cambios desde la economía social en los alojamientos y en la economía de los cuidados para las personas mayores. CIRIEC España: revista de economia publica, social y cooperativa(104), pp. 303 – 331 . ISSN: 0213-8093

Tortosa Chuliá, Mª Ángeles; Sundström, Gerdt (2022) Analysing Long Term Care policies. The case of Spain and Sweden. International Review of Economic Policy (Revista Internacional de Política Económica), 4(1), pp. 43 – 61 . ISSN: 2695-7035

Sentandreu-Mañó T; Cezón-Serrano N; Cebrià i Iranzo MA; Tortosa-Chuliá MA; Tomás JM; Salom Terrádez JR; Balasch-Bernat M. (2021) Kihon Checklist to assess frailty in older adults: Some evidence on the internal consistency and validity of the Spanish version. Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 21, pp. 262 – 267 . ISSN: 1444-1586

Arnal Gómez, Anna; Cebrià i Iranzo, Maria dels Àngel; Tomas Miguel, Jose Manuel; Tortosa Chuliá, María Angeles; Balasch i Bernat, Mercè; Sentandreu Mañó, Trinidad; Forcano, Silvia; Cezón Serrano, Natalia (2021) Using the Updated EWGSOP2 Definition in Diagnosing Sarcopenia in Spanish Older Adults: Clinical Approach. Journal Of Clinical Medicine, 10(5), p. 1018 . ISSN: 2077-0383

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Cebrià I Iranzo MÀ, I Balasch-Bernat M, Tortosa-Chuliá MÁ, Balasch-Parisi S. (2018) Effects of Resistance Training of Peripheral Muscles versus Respiratory Muscles in Institutionalized Older Adults with Sarcopenia: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 26(4), pp. 637 – 646 . ISSN: 1063-8652

Tortosa Chuliá, Mª Ángeles, Granell Pérez, Rafael y Fuenmayor Fernández, Amadeo. (2018). Nuevas vías de concertación social y sus efectos sobre las residencias de personas mayores en la Comunidad Valenciana Informes Envejecimiento en red.  Octubre 2018 . Número. 21 . (pp. 1 – 38) .

Granell Pérez, Rafael, Tortosa Chuliá, Mª Ángeles, y Fuenmayor Fernández, Amadeo. (2018). Estimación de los costes Residencias Lares. Comunidad Valenciana 2017 Informes Envejecimiento en red . Junio 2018 . Número. 19 . (pp. 1 – 5).

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