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Maria Petrillo

University of Sheffield

Maria Petrillo

Maria is a Research Associate at the ESRC Centre for Care at the University of Sheffield, working on Inequalities in Care. Previously, she studied her PhD in Economics at the University of Sheffield funded by LSE- CVER (Centre for Vocational Education Research). Her research lies in the areas of Economics of Education, Gender Economics and Labour Economics, with a current main focus on gaps in the labour market outcomes and wage determination.


Countries UK;
Topics Care inequalities; Care outcomes; Care trajectories; Data catalogues; Data science; Employment education and family carers; Gender and care; Unpaid / informal care;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Longitudinal data analysis; Panel data analysis; Policy analysis; Quantitative data analysis; Quasi-experimental methods;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Data Science; Employment Education and Family carers; Quasi-experimental methods;