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Pat Schofield

University of Plymouth

Pat Schofield

I have worked as a clinical nurse specialist in pain before moving into academia. I have worked across a number of universities in the UK. My research interests are primarily around pain and ageing/ dementia. I currently am working on a number of studies in collaborations across the UK including pain and frailty, dental pain and dementia and virtual reality in care homes. I have also carried out work into falls and pain and technology and ageing. I have published over 250 papers in peer reviewed journals and have secured over £3m in grant funding. My research methodology includes ethnography, mixed methods and co-design (participatory) research. I have led the development and publication of 4 national UK guidelines including assessment and management of pain in the older population (including updates).


Countries UK; United States;
Topics Attitudes and Expectations about Long-Term Care; Care in rural and other non-urban settings; Co-production in LTC; Pain management in care homes;
Methods Case studies; Creative research methods; Ethnography; Literature reviews and synthesis; Mixed methods; Qualitative studies; Questionnaire; Systematic Review; Training materials;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Pain in Care Homes;
Research interests

pain and ageing
pain and dementia

Key publications

Brown L, Mossabir R, Harrison N, et al Developing the evidence and associated service models to support older adults living with frailty to manage their pain and to reduce its impact on their lives: protocol for a mixed-method, co-design study (The POPPY Study)
BMJ Open 2023;13:e074785. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-074785

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