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Patience Masi

University of Cape Town

Patience Masi

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Cape Town. My research focuses on factors that affect the domestic financing of social protection using Malawi as a case study.  Prior to this, for ten years, I worked in the field of social protection on the largest cash transfer programme in Malawi, the Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme, where I  contributed to the establishment of the programme from a pilot to nationwide coverage targeting 1.2 million people in a population of close to 20 million.  I have also worked as an Economist for the Malawian Government, providing advice to the Finance Minister on how to raise domestic revenue.


Countries Malawi;
Topics Social Protection;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Case studies; Literature reviews and synthesis; Policy analysis;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care and social protection in Southern Africa;
Other 1;
Research interests

financing for cash transfers