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Pedro Olivares Tirado

Center for Applied Social Sciences, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Pedro Olivares Tirado

Olivares-Tirado was a co-founder of the Pre-Hospital Care System (SAMU) in Chile and has served as a senior researcher at the Superintendency of Health, a government institution that regulates private health insurance and providers. Currently, he is a visiting professor at the Mental Health Program of the University of Chile. He has been selected for a visiting professor position at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.

For a decade, he worked as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. He is also a co-director of a PhD candidate’s thesis in a Doctoral Program in Biomedical Research at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. Olivares-Tirado is a member of various research networks focused on ageing, including the Latin American Research Network on Aging (LARNA) and the Interuniversity Network for Healthy Aging, Latin America, and the Caribbean (RIES-LAC). Additionally, he served as the Director of the Health Economist Association of Chile.

Olivares-Tirado is a published author in international journals and has authored a book titled “Trends and Factors in Japan’s Long-term Care Insurance System: Japan’s 10-year Experience”, edited by Springer Editors (2014). Also, he is the author of the chapter “Socioeconomic Inequalities and Intergenerational Support in Functional Health in Brazilian Older Adults” in the book “Intergenerational Relations—Contemporary Theories, Studies and Policies”, edited by IntechOpen Book Series (2023). He serves as a review editor and external book reviewer for Frontiers in Public Health Journal (Switzerland) and the IntechOpen Publisher (UK). He is proficient in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese languages and possesses expertise in various computer software programs.


Countries Chile;
Topics Care inequalities; Dementia care and support; Economics of LTC; LTC Policy; LTC systems in LMIC countries;
Methods Analysis of administrative data; Cost analysis; Economic evaluation; Literature reviews and synthesis; Longitudinal data analysis; Quantitative data analysis; Quasi-experimental methods;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Economics of Long-Term Care; Long-Term Care Policy; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests

My research interests include socio-economic inequalities, public policy evaluation, healthy ageing, obesity, mental health, and healthcare market failures.

Key publications

P Olivares-Tirado, N. Tamiya. “Trends and factors in Japan’s Long-term Care Insurance System: Japan’s 10-year experience”. Springer Briefs in Aging. Springer Editors.  2014.

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