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Pilar Gangas


Pilar Gangas

Pilar Gangas (female) is Senior Researcher in IFIC since March 2021. She has completed PhD in Political Sciences, Master in Social Sciences, having worked on qualitative and qualitative research and/or project management in more than 70 projects over more than 25 years, including quality, risks and costs management, compliance with coordinator’s guidelines and GA, end users’ coordination for eHealth tools development (requirements, use cases, UX, acceptance), and also cross-cutting issues such as social research and gender, among others. Her focus of interest is digitally enabled integrated care. She has participated in several large-scale evaluation programmes for public organizations.


Countries Spain;
Topics Artificial Intelligence; Care integration/ coordination; Co-production in LTC; Gender and care; Governance and LTC systems organisation; Healthcare access in LTC; LTC Policy; LTC Workforce; Person-centered care; Rights and people’s voices in LTC systems; Social Innovation in LTC; Unmet needs;
Methods Case studies; Co-production methods; Comparative policy analysis; Discourse analysis; Document analysis; Focus groups; Literature reviews and synthesis; Longitudinal data analysis; Measure validation; Mixed methods; Policy analysis; Qualitative studies; Quantitative data analysis; Questionnaire; Surveys; Systematic Review; Theory and frameworks;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Long-Term Care Policy;
Research interests

Integrated care

Long term care (participating in Laurel project)

Digitally enabled integrated care


Key publications

You can find my publications in Research Gate: Pilar GANGAS | Research profile (