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Raphael Wittenberg

Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

Raphael Wittenberg

Raphael is an Associate Professorial Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation (CHSEO) at the University of Oxford.

At CPEC, he leads a programme of research on financing long-term care, which aims to make projections of demand for long-term care and associated expenditure up to 2041. He also leads research on provision of unpaid care and attitudes to caring, leads modelling work for studies of dementia care, and contributes to studies of personalisation, social care workforce, innovation in social care, and other topics.


Countries UK;
Topics Care economy; Care inequalities; Care innovations; Community-based LTC; Data catalogues; Dementia care and support; Economics of LTC; Epidemiology and ageing trajectories; Evaluation of LTC systems and services; Financing LTC; LTC and people with learning disabilities; LTC and younger people; LTC Policy; LTC Reforms; LTC Systems; LTC Workforce; New models of care; Residential LTC services; Survey measures; Technology and LTC; Unmet needs; Unpaid / informal care;
Methods Comparative policy analysis; Discrete choice analysis; Economic evaluation; Policy analysis; Quantitative data analysis; Simulation models; Surveys; Trials and other evaluations;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Long-Term Care Policy;