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Ruth Calderia de Melo

University of São Paulo

Ruth Calderia de Melo

I am a physiotherapist and associated professor of gerontology at the University of São Paulo with a research focus on improving the assessment and management of frailty in older adults, with expertise in advancing care of older adults in LTCF. Since 2009, I have been supervising the placement of undergraduate students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Gerontology of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, held in a not-for-profit long-term care facility (LTCF). In 2020, I contributed to the development of orientations and protocols to help LTCF face COVID-19 pandemic, together with other researchers and professionals. All materials developed to support LTCF during the COVID-19 pandemic are available in three different languages at Since 2020, I’ve been collaborating with the WE-THIRVE (Worldwide Elements to Harmonize Research in LTC Living Environments).


Countries Brazil;
Topics Care outcomes; Dementia care and support; Information and data systems in LTC; LTC systems in LMIC countries; Outcome measurement in LTC; Person-centered care; Prevention and rehabilitation and LTC; Technology and LTC;
Methods Literature reviews and synthesis; Mixed methods; Qualitative studies; Quasi-experimental methods; Surveys; Systematic Review; Trials and other evaluations;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Data Science; Employment Education and Family carers; Long-Term Care Policy; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;