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Sanna Read

Care Policy and Evaluation Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

Sanna Read

Sanna Read works at the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre based at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research focuses on a range of topics related to well-being and health, social contacts, socioeconomic factors, service use, costs of care and financing adult social care. She uses a range of longitudinal and multilevel methods, especially those based on structural equation modelling.  Sanna holds a PhD in psychology and is a licensed psychologist (registered in Finland).


Countries UK;
Topics Access to care; Care inequalities; Care trajectories; Dementia care and support; Epidemiology and ageing trajectories; Financing LTC; Outcome measurement in LTC; Unmet needs;
Methods Causal inference in Long-Term Care; Quantitative data analysis; Quasi-experimental methods; Surveys;
Role Research;
Research interests

Health and well-being in the life course;  unmet needs; social inequalities; preferences for care and paying for care

Key publications

Read, S., Hu, B., Dixon, J., Brimblecombe, N., Wittenberg, R., Brayne, C., & Banerjee, S. (2023). Receipt of help by people with cognitive impairment: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Aging & Mental Health, 27(2), 272–280.

Read, S., Hicks, B., Budden, E., et al., (2023). Long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the quality of life of people with dementia and their family carers. Age and Ageing, in print.

Perach, R., Read, S., Hicks, B., Harris, P. R., Rusted, J., Brayne, C., Dangoor, M., Miles, E., Dixon, J., Robinson, L., Thomas, A., & Banerjee, S. (2023). Predictors of loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic in people with dementia and their carers in England: findings from the DETERMIND-C19 study. Aging & Mental Health, 27(3).

Hu, B., Read, S., Wittenberg, R., Brimblecombe, N., Rodrigues, R., Banerjee, S., Dixon, J., Robinson, L., Rehill, A., & Fernandez, J.-L. (2022). Socioeconomic inequality of long-term care for older people with and without dementia in England. Ageing & Society, 1–21.

Hicks, B., Read, S., Hu, B., et al. (2022). A cohort study of the impact of COVID-19 on the quality of life of people newly diagnosed with dementia and their family carers. Alzheimers and Dementia (N Y) 2, 8(1):e12236. doi: 10.1002/trc2.12236. PMID: 35509503; PMCID: PMC9060551.

Wittenberg, R., Read, S., Erens, B., Knapp, M., Wistow, G., Dickinson, F., Cyhlarova, E., & Mays, N. (2022). Who should pay for social care for older people in England? Results from surveys of public attitudes to the funding of adult social care. Journal of Social Policy, 1–25.

Read, S., Erens, B., Wittenberg, R., Wistow, G., Dickinson, F, Knapp, M., & Mays, N. (2021). Public preferences for paying for social care in England: a latent class analysis. Social Science and Medicine, 274, 113803.

Read, S., Hu, B., Wittenberg, R., Brimblecombe, N., Robinson, L., & Banerjee, S. (2021). A Longitudinal Study of Functional Unmet Need Among People with Dementia. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease : JAD, 84(2), 705–716.

Erens, B., Read, S., Knapp, M., Wistow, G., Wittenberg, R., & Mays, N. (2020). Using vignettes to examine preferences for paying for long-term social care in online and interview surveys. Social Research Practice, 17–40.

Farina, N., Hicks, B., Baxter, K., Birks, Y., Brayne, C., Dangoor, M., Dixon, J., Harris, P.R., Hu, B., Knapp, M., Miles, E., Perach, R., Read, S., Robinson, L., Rusted, J., Stewart, R., Thomas, A., Wittenberg, R., & Banerjee, S. (2020). DETERMinants of quality of life, care and costs, and consequences of INequalities in people with Dementia and their carers (DETERMIND): A protocol paper. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 35, 290–301.

Read, S., Comas-Herrera, A., & Grundy, E. (2020). Social Isolation and Memory Decline in Later-life. The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 75, 367–376.