Sara Evans-Lacko

London School of Economics and Political Science, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre

Sara Evans-Lacko

As a co-investigator on STRIDE, I led critical research on dementia-related stigma in seven LMICs, collaborating with researchers, local and global NGOs. My focus extends to measurement of stigma and discrimination including a globally validated measure for the experiences of dementia-related stigma and working together with Alzheimer’s Disease International’s on largest survey on dementia related stigma. This survey, translated into 27 languages and encompassing nearly 70,000 participants globally, informed the World Alzheimer’s Report 2019, and we are conducting a follow-up for the 2024 report. From STRiDE’s insights, we also developed a toolkit for stigma change, rooted in the lived experiences of individuals with dementia and their care partners and designed to foster behaviour change and reduce stigma. This toolkit is the product of diverse collaboration and evidence-based strategies, emphasising the empowerment of those living with dementia. With this toolkit and work, we aim to go beyond awareness raising, advocating for the rights and opportunities for people affected by dementia worldwide.


Countries Brazil; International; UK;
Topics Access to care; Care needs poverty and deprivation; Stigma and discrimination; Survey measures;
Methods Measure validation; Mixed methods; Surveys;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Quasi-experimental methods; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests

stigma and discrimination
global mental health
life course

Key publications

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