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Sha Li

University of Bath

Sha Li

I am a PhD student at the University of Bath in the Department of Social Policy Sciences. My PhD research focuses on the topic “Who will look after our older people in China in the future?” I have a keen interest in the long-term care industry and aim to pursue a nursing degree in the UK after completing my PhD. I seek to gain practical experience in caring for older adults while enhancing my academic skills. My long-term goal is to return to China and establish a small to medium-sized nursing home for disabled older individuals.


Countries China; UK;
Topics Ageing in place; Attitudes and Expectations about Long-Term Care; Care Homes; Care inequalities; Care outcomes; Gender and care; Healthcare access in LTC; Living arrangements; LTC and younger people; LTC Policy; LTC Systems; LTC Workforce; Outcomes for unpaid/informal carers; Research gaps and priorities in LTC; Residential LTC services; Rights and people’s voices in LTC systems; Social Protection; Unmet needs; Unpaid / informal care; Younger carers;
Methods Grounded Theory; Policy analysis; Qualitative studies; Thematic analysis; Theory and frameworks; Theory of Change;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Community-based approaches to dementia care; Employment Education and Family carers; Long-Term Care Policy; Pain in Care Homes; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Research interests

Health care, Long-term care, care home, care innovation.

Key publications