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Stecy Yghemonos


Stecy Yghemonos

Stecy Yghemonos is the Executive Director of Eurocarers, the European network working with and for informal/family/unpaid carers. Eurocarers brings together 77 organisations from 26 countries, whose collective efforts aim to ensure that the growing care needs of the European population are addressed in a universal and equitable way and that the vital contribution of carers is valued, recognised and supported.

A trained journalist, Stecy is an EU policy and communication specialist. Over the last twenty years he has actively contributed to the implementation and reinforcement of EU policies in the areas of human rights, health and social equity and access to good-quality care.


Countries Europe;
Topics Care inequalities; Care integration/ coordination; Co-production in LTC; Community-based LTC; End-of-life care and LTC; Financing LTC; Gender and care; Governance and LTC systems organisation; LTC and younger people; LTC Policy; LTC Reforms; LTC Workforce; Technology and LTC; Unpaid / informal care; Younger carers;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Employment Education and Family carers;
Key publications

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