Tommy Henderson-Reay

NHS England

Tommy Henderson-Reay

A registered social worker, Tommy has worked in social care both locally and nationally. Having started his career as social worker in adult social services he worked across a number of different settings with adult social care. He went on to complete an informatics fellowship at NHS Digital and subsequently worked for the not for profit care provider trade body, National Care Forum. He now leads a number of programmes within the Digitising Social Care programme across DHSC and NHS England.

Tommy’s main focused remains on ensuring that people and those who work in care have the skills they need to engage with technology and are supported to think critically about how we use technology now and in the future. He is a council member of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, social care lead for the BCS, member of the British Association of Social Workers, and a trustee of youth engagement charity, Grow UK, in Sheffield.


Countries UK;
Topics Access to care; Care economy; Care innovations; Care trajectories; Community-based LTC; Data catalogues; Dementia care and support; End-of-life care and LTC; Governance and LTC systems organisation; LTC and people with learning disabilities; LTC and people with mental health conditions; LTC Policy; LTC Reforms; LTC Systems; LTC Workforce; New models of care; Prevention and rehabilitation and LTC; Residential LTC services; Social Innovation in LTC; Technology and LTC;
Methods Data science and LTC research;
Role Policy;
Interest Groups Data Science;
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