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Tong Ren

University of Birmingham

Tong Ren

Tong is a PhD candidate in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham. Her current PhD research is on ‘The Feasibility and Financial Sustainability of the Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) System in China’. Based on the China Long-term Care Insurance System Pilot Database (CLIP) and the China Health and Retirement Survey (CHARLS), Tong’s research will include a structured comparison of the design and content of China’s different long-term care insurance pilots, as well as an analysis of the financial sustainability of the different models being developed.

  • Bachelor of Management (NanjingUniversity of Finance and Economics), China (2015-2019)
  • Master of Science in Management (University of Bristol), UK (2019-2020)
  • PhD of Social Policy (University of Birmingham), UK (2021-2025)


Countries China; UK;
Topics Long term care subsidies; LTC Policy; LTC Systems;
Methods Comparative policy analysis; Mixed methods; Policy analysis; Quantitative data analysis; Systematic Review;
Role Research;
Interest Groups Care home markets and regulation; Data Science; Economics of Long-Term Care; Employment Education and Family carers; Long-Term Care Policy; Quasi-experimental methods;
Research interests

Long-term care insurance

Ageing issues

Social policy

Key publications

Ren, T. and Li, X. (2018). Analysis of the Impact of Delaying Retirement Policy on Pension Gap Rate. Modern Business, (12), pp.164–165. doi: [In Chinese].

Ren, T. and Li, X. (2020). Research on the Cash Payment Model in the Reform of Long-Term Care System. Labour Security World, (27), pp.58–59. doi: [In Chinese].