Wendy Weidner

Alzheimer's Disease International

Wendy Weidner

Wendy Weidner is Head of Research and Publications for Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) where she leads on the development and growth of ADI’s global research portfolio in partnership with academic institutions and Alzheimer associations across a wide range of projects including diagnosis, dementia care pathways, interventions, clinical trials, and epidemiology and inclusion and diversity. Wendy also leads ADI publications, including the World Alzheimer Report and From Plan to Impact – a yearly report that tracks the progress of the Global Action Plan on Dementia. Wendy coordinates and works alongside ADI’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel, a diverse group of dementia specialists who provide expert advice to ADI as well as a new Expert by Experience Advisory Panel that will include people living with dementia and their care partners.



Countries UK;
Topics Access to care; Care inequalities; Care integration/ coordination; Dementia care and support; Gender and care; LTC systems in LMIC countries; Person-centered care; Stigma and discrimination;
Methods Case studies; Co-production methods; Comparative policy analysis; Knowledge-exchange; Practice-based approaches; Qualitative studies; Questionnaire; Surveys; Theory of Change;
Role Advocacy;
Interest Groups Community-based approaches to dementia care; Employment Education and Family carers; Long-Term Care Policy; Strengthening Responses to Dementia;
Key publications

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