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Resource Launch: Research in Dementia Map (RESIDE)

Resource Launch: Research in Dementia Map (RESIDE)



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10 Nov 2023

The newly launched Research in Dementia Map (RESIDE) provides a comprehensive overview of 810 dementia research projects in the UK. The map was developed by Shari Jadoolal, Maria Karagiannidou, Martin Knapp, Julia Pauschardt, Louise Robinson and Ben Schlaepfer.

Given how complex and difficult-to-understand the dementia research landscape can be, RESIDE aims to make it easier to figure out what research has been conducted, who the major funders are, and where the gaps in dementia research are. We hope it will be a useful resource to dementia researchers, funders, and people who use research to make decisions on policy and practice.

In this blog, an explanation about the map, its usefulness, and some insights on the research landscape are provided: Navigating the Gaps in Dementia Research: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go?