About the Economics of Long-Term Care interest group

The “economics of long-term care” interest group will bring together health and social care researchers, policymakers, and practitioners with an interest in economic evaluation approaches, financing of community-based long-term care, and measuring impact of long-term care policies.

This interest group will be focused on social care and community-based interventions in response to health and social needs of the population, and their impact on individuals with care needs, their families, and broader society. It aims to develop methodological aspects of measuring “value for money”, “financing mechanisms”, and “impact” in this context.

To do this, we will bring together experts from different parts of the world by organizing regular webinars. Through these webinars we will encourage the dialogue between researchers and policy makers. It will help to develop an understanding of key research questions and methodological challenges in this area in terms of measuring impacts and social value of community-based care models.

Steering group:

Lead: Sedighe Hosseini Jebeli (Newcastle University, UK)

Elizabeth Lemmon (University of Edinburgh)

Cassandra Simmons (European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Austria)

Courtney Van Houtven (Duke University and Durham ADAPT, US Veterans Affairs, US)