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About the Migration, Mobility and Care Workers Interest Group

The ‘Migration, Mobility and Care Workers’ interest group will bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in international migration, mobility and the long-term care workforce. The group aims to support knowledge exchange on policy approaches to international migration and long-term care, the impacts within and across different countries, and the implications for the future development of long-term care systems and migration policies.

We focus on the longstanding challenges of care worker recruitment and retention, and how policies to address those challenges interact with policies towards international migration and mobility. The group aims to harness cross-national and comparative expertise and learning. To this end, it will bring together experts working in different parts of the world by organising regular webinars to create a platform for sharing research, live discussion and collaboration between participants.

Steering group:

Isabel Shutes (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Nathalie Morel (Sciences Po)

Ewa Palenga-Möllenbeck (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Ito Peng (University of Toronto)

Reiko Ogawa (Chiba University)