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Nursing home staff burden during COVID-19 pandemic

Nursing home staff burden during COVID-19 pandemic

Project status
PI Name
Manuela Hoedl
Host institution
Institute of Nursing Science, Medical University of Graz
Team members
Dr. Daniela Schoberer, Lea Reiter BScN, Nina Thonhofer BScN





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Project Summary

Nursing homes were a strongly affected setting during the COVID-19 pandemic, and nursing home staff were key personnel in the fight against the coronavirus and its impacts. Few studies – and especially few qualitative studies – have been conducted to explore situations in nursing home settings in depth during this time. Therefore, we performed a study to assess burdens placed staff working in nursing homes during the pandemic as well as the consequences of the situation. We conducted a qualitative descriptive interview study with 18 participants. Interviews were carried out with a semi-structured interview method. Data were analysed with a qualitative content analysis method by combining an inductive and deductive coding frame.

Outputs / expected Outputs
Hoedl, M., Thonhofer, N. & Schoberer, D. (2022). COVID-19 pandemic: Burdens on and consequences for nursing home staff. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 78, 24952506.


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