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Estimating the prevalence of hearing loss in people with dementia: A feasibility study

Estimating the prevalence of hearing loss in people with dementia: A feasibility study

Project status
Hannah Cross
PI Name
Rebecca Millman
Host institution
The University of Manchester
Team members
Hannah Cross, Piers Dawes, Christopher Armitage, Laura Brown, Iracema Leroi & Rebecca Millman
Funded by
Funded by the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre - Hearing Health theme.




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Project Summary

The risk of developing dementia and hearing loss increases with age, leading to a significant overlap of these conditions. Detecting and managing hearing difficulties in individuals with dementia is crucial, as untreated hearing loss can exacerbate confusion, depression, social isolation, and dementia-related symptoms. However, the prevalence rate of hearing loss in people with dementia remains unknown in the UK. Prior to conducting a large-scale study to estimate this prevalence, we will assess the reliability and acceptability of hearing tests for this population and explore participant recruitment and retention strategies, both for people living in the community and in care homes. We will also use qualitative interviews to understand the reasons behind unidentified hearing loss in people with dementia, aiming to identify barriers to engaging with audiology services. The results will be used to propose recommendations for improved hearing assessments and audiology pathways tailored to individuals with dementia.

Outputs / expected Outputs

Qualitative study into: The barriers and facilitators to hearing healthcare for people with dementia.

Mixed-method study into: The acceptability and tolerability of hearing assessment, including pure-tone audiometry, for people with dementia.

Quantitative study into: The feasibility of estimating the prevalence of hearing loss in people with dementia.



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